Welcome to Chef Canton.

We are thrilled to be reopening our restaurant for dining in guests from 4th July!

(call to reserve your table now!)

The home of great Chinese food, wonderful service and memories of time spent dining with family, friends and colleagues.

Please review our menu pages. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the dishes features and ingredients. Menu items will show an indication of known nut content, spiciness or if the dish is suitable for vegetarians.

We feel sure you will enjoy everything we have to offer and your dining experience will make Chef Canton one of your preferred Restaurants in the Colchester area.

All You Can Eat Menu Prices
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday £17.99 (Adult)
Friday, Saturday & Bank Holiday Weekends £19.49 (Adult)
All Day Sundays (excl. Bank Holiday Weekends) £17.00 (Adult)
Children under 4′ 7″ £7.50
Christmas Season (December) £20.49 (Adult)
Valentine’s Day £20.49 (Adult)
MIN for 2 people. All food to be consumed within the premises.
NO take away food.
A La Carte Menu also available

FREE for Birthday Girl/Boy with a party of 6 or more:

  • Birthday must be within 7 days
  • Proof of ID may be required
  • Excl. Friday, Saturday and B. Holiday weekends